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Heisler High Speed Servo Denester

With speeds up to 45 pails/minute, and the ability to handle many different sizes and shapes, the HEISLER High Speed Servo Denester will eliminate the demanding, time consuming and tedious job of separating metal or plastic pails thereby increasing your productivity and resulting in a labor savings to you. Stacks of pails are placed on the infeed conveyor. The pails are delivered to the tilter arm, which converts the stack from the vertical to the horizontal position. The stack advances to the patented mechanical pail separation mechanism, which holds the stack and removes one pail at a time. [...]

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New Equipment

NOW AVAILABLE – The HEISLER Automatic Pail De-Palletizer. This machine allows for automatic stack feeding to the HEISLER Denester. It will accommodate up to 12 pail stacks per minute. For more information, contact us at heislersales@heislerind.com or by calling 973-227-6300

2018 Training Sessions At Heisler Facility

We offer One Gallon Bail-O-Matic training sessions at our facility three times a year – March, June, and October. The 2018 dates for these sessions are: Tuesday, March 20 and Wednesday, March 21; Tuesday, June 5 and Wednesday, June 6; Tuesday, October 2 and Wednesday, October 3. This is a class for mechanics. The class will cover safety, operation, adjustment, care, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair. The two day class will also provide an in-depth understanding of the bailer’s five basics: Wire drive/straightness/length setup Wire forming setup Conveyor setup Chain/clutch/brake setup Lubrication and cleaning The cost for [...]

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Trade Shows

Will you be in Chicago in October? We will! Be sure to come to Pack Expo International, October 14-17, 2018 at McCormick Convention Center. top by our Booth S-3725. Our engineers and top executives will be on hand to show you how HEISLER can solve your packaging issues. Be sure to check back here again to find out what we will be showcasing.

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Are you on the verge of automation?

Designed with portability in mind, the HEISLER “New” Compact Denester provides a compact solution for your denesting needs. One operator places the stack of pails on the conveyor, the Denester separates and uprights each pail which is then fed to the labeler. Our HL-70PS Pail Labeler has a new compact frame to fit efficiently into your packaging line. Our new handle detection system offers easy adjustability with greater accuracy. The labels are fed onto a patented label gate. The incoming pail is oriented by two belt stations. The pail passes through the label gate where the [...]

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Redesigned HL-70PS Labeler

The HEISLER HL-70PS Labeler has been redesigned. The most popular model in our HL-70 series of labelers, this machine applies pressure sensitive labels onto 2-5 gallon containers, tapered or straight-walled. We have reduced the footprint of the HL-70PS by relocating the electrical panel and operator control station. This now gives you unobstructed access to the label applicator. Our new Capture Orient Station replaces the differential belt style orientor thus increasing throughput and orientation reliability. We are now featuring the integrated Herma label applicator. The “Herma” provides outstanding reliability using simple path label threading. We are also excited to [...]

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Heisler Introduces Newest Addition to Product Line

Completely wired and ready to go, the HEISLER De-Lidder comes with many standard options. The HEISLER De-Lidder offers an easy way to quickly and efficiently separate the top portion of a lid from the locking ring so that the lid can be easily removed by hand or by an optional automated system. The locking ring stays captured on the pail. Contact us at heislersales@heislerind.com or by calling 973-227-6300

Looking For a Merge/Diverge System That Can Stand The Test of Time?

The HEISLER Merge/Diverge Conveyor System will feed various types of containers from a single line into multiple packaging machines such as bailers, fillers, or labelers and then back into a single line for further packaging into case packers, palletizers, or stretchwrappers, etc. The HEISLER Merge/Diverge is built “gorilla” tough to stand the test of time. Our Merge/Diverge comes complete with all the controls. It diverts cans on the fly so no line stops are necessary. This unique feature alleviates the pressure build up that can often damage cans. The HEISLER Merge/Diverge Conveyor System is easily integrated with either your existing [...]

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Machine Upgrades

Bail-O-Matic Plastic Can Kit – Many customers have been changing over to run plastic cans instead of metal. HEISLER offers a kit to allow the bailer to attach handles to plastic cans. Several kits are available depending on the individual requirements. The kit can be purchased to enable the machine to switch back and forth between metal and plastic or convert strictly to plastic. The kit includes modified curling dies, ear lifters, and in the case of dual operation, a mechanical retrofit to the conveyor to quickly adjust the conveyor height at the bailing section for the difference in can [...]

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