See you in Chicago this year!


Stop by our Booth S-3825 at the Pack Expo International in Chicago this year. The Pack Expo Show will be November 8-11, 2020

Our executives will be on hand to show you our New Redesigned Carton Erection System on our 31,000 Series Case Packer.

Be sure to check out our functional packaging line featuring our DENESTER with quick change tooling, new upender and optional self-diagnostic feature. Our HL-70PS LABELER has a new ergonomic safety guarding system & new labeler hopper design. Available in presssure sensitive, wet glue, print & apply models. Our LID PLACER features optional self-containered pail & lid orientation system, air spring closer height compensator, & adjustable main plate. Let us tell you about how our HEISLER DE PALLETIZER ergonomically improves your packaging line as it automatically feeds pail stacks to a HEISLER Pail Denester.

    For those just starting out in automation, we will have on display our manual closers:
  • HEISLER P300-MAH Lid Press
  • HEISLER P300 Manual Plastic Lid Press
  • HEISLER P300-ALH Adjustable Line Height Press

  • Also on display will be our HEISLER DE-LIDDER. The DE-LIDDER provides a quick and efficient way to separate the top portion of a lid from the locking ring.

    HEISLER is a leading manufacturer of labeling machines, de-lidders, denesters, lid placers, lid closers including lid crimpers, palletizers, depalletizer, case packers, tray packers, which does both glue and tape, drop packers Bail-O-Matic and other high-quality packaging equipment. We also manufacture pail catchers, ploughs, traversing lid press, roller closers, upstackers, lid checkers, merge conveyor systems and we specialize in container orientation.

    Our engineers and top executives will be on hand to show you how HEISLER can solve your packaging issues.


    WANT TO COME TO THE SHOW FOR FREE? Email Judy at for a link for a free pass to the Show, compliments of HEISLER Industries.