Redesigned HL-70PS Labeler

The HEISLER HL-70PS Labeler has been redesigned. The most popular model in our HL-70 series of labelers, this machine applies pressure sensitive labels onto 2-5 gallon containers, tapered or straight-walled. We have reduced the footprint of the HL-70PS by relocating the electrical panel and operator control station. This now gives you unobstructed access to the label applicator. Our new Capture Orient Station replaces the differential belt style orientor thus increasing throughput and orientation reliability.

We are now featuring the integrated Herma label applicator. The “Herma” provides outstanding reliability using simple path label threading.

We are also excited to announce that HMI is now standard on every HL-70PS labeler. This means each machine will come equipped with operator interface, machine fault and troubleshooting help. The HMI also provides access to PLC bit level information for advanced troubleshooting without having to hook up to a laptop.

If you are looking for solutions on making your labeling process more efficient, be sure to contact us at or by calling 973-227-6300