Are you on the verge of automation?

Designed with portability in mind, the HEISLER “New” Compact Denester provides a compact solution for your denesting needs. One operator places the stack of pails on the conveyor, the Denester separates and uprights each pail which is then fed to the labeler.

Our HL-70PS Pail Labeler has a new compact frame to fit efficiently into your packaging line. Our new handle detection system offers easy adjustability with greater accuracy. The labels are fed onto a patented label gate. The incoming pail is oriented by two belt stations. The pail passes through the label gate where the label is picked up and centered onto label wipe-on station, where the label is wiped on. The pail is then conveyed to the filler.

The HEISLER “New” Automatic Lid Press takes manual lid closing to a new level. Set on a five foot belt conveyor, the pail is guided to the plate type press where it is automatically sealed. The pail then continues along the conveyor for palletization.

These machines come on heavy duty lockable castors giving you the portability of moving them to different stations throughout your plant. For more information, contact us at or by calling 973-227-6300