Heisler High Speed Servo Denester

With speeds up to 45 pails/minute, and the ability to handle many different sizes and shapes, the HEISLER High Speed Servo Denester will eliminate the demanding, time consuming and tedious job of separating metal or plastic pails thereby increasing your productivity and resulting in a labor savings to you.

Stacks of pails are placed on the infeed conveyor. The pails are delivered to the tilter arm, which converts the stack from the vertical to the horizontal position. The stack advances to the patented mechanical pail separation mechanism, which holds the stack and removes one pail at a time. The pail up-righting device brings the pail to a standing position. The positive handle control drops the handle to the correct side for labeling or filling. The entire system continues to operate even as new stacks of pails are loaded.

The HEISLER High Speed Servo Denester reduces work related injuries that occur from manually pulling stacks of pails apart. The low level infeed makes for easy loading.

Additional capacity stack infeed conveyor, quick change tooling, and stack orientation are optional. Fully adjustable models are available.

To find solutions to your denesting dilemma, contact us at heislersales@heislerind.com or by calling 973-227-6300