(HL-70) Wet Glue Pail Labeler

For labeling 2-7 gallon pails, this machine has an operational speed of up to 30 CPM. Some superior features of the HL-70 labeler are:

  • Labels stack horizontally

  • No change parts for different size labels

  • Precisely controlled label pick Labels feed accurately regardless of glue film adjustment

  • Due to the “non-contact design” the glue roller will be not be damaged with the label magazine

  • Uses glue that’s inexpensive, readily available and water soluble

  • This machine uses our HLM to pick, index and feed paper labels. Up to 1000 paper labels are placed flat in a label tray. The label magazine picks up one label at a time, using a series of suction cups, and feeds them into a roller which inverts, or drops, the label onto a label track. The label is now vertical and a feed roller delivers the label to the glue roller, which is coated with water soluble glue. The label with glue then feeds onto two belt stations where the label waits for the pail. Meanwhile, the incoming pail at the infeed on the conveyor is oriented, by two belt stations, for proper positioning of the bail and/or other previously applied labels. The pail now passes through the label gate, where the label is picked up, and continues to a label press-on station, where the label is wiped on. The process is now complete and the pail with the label exits the machine.